onsdag 3 september 2014

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After 42 days and 312 (norwegian miles) I arrived at the southernmost point in Norway which is Lindesnes Lighthouse. Highlights were The Troll path where the road twists in 11 hairpin turns and Sognefjellet which is the highest road I've been cycling, 1434 meters above sea level.

Thanks for stopping by, now I will return to my regular blog and I will be spending a few days in Sweden before going back to Lofoten! 

söndag 31 augusti 2014

Lindesnes Lighthouse

Day 42 - Flekkefjord - Lindesnes
I was on the road just before 8. Today it was also hills up and down and a lot of tunnels, some of them really scary and long. But eventually I came to Spangereid and I stopped for a coffee because now it is only 12 km to the goal and I wanted to hold that feeling for a while so I enjoyed my coffee and it's hard to describe the feeling when you are so close. Then I went out there and it felt so good to see the lighthouse. I went as far as I could but in the end there were stairs so I couldn't bring my bike up all the way in front of the lighthouse. Anyway I asked people to take pictures for me. The nature is really beautiful out here. (Not like in Smygehuk which is Swedens southernmost point and really boring). I love the landscape here! And there were small lighthouses all around, I think it was some kind of art project. Then I met a woman who works in the entry when I came down and she told me I must sign the log book. That's really cool - they have this book for everyone who travels between North cape and Lindesnes. Sometimes one also get to be interviewed by the lighthouse keeper and end up on their website. She was really nice and helped me find out about buses from Spangereid to Kristiansand. Then I went to the cafe for some coffee and charging. I also met John from US who travels with his motorcycle and he was going to Bergen. When the cafe closed at 5 pm I went to find a tentspotm so I set an early camp today and it feels really good but also kind of weird to think that this is my last night in the tent on this trip. Distance today: 85 km

Tunnels passed: 6

A sense of satisfaction.

Dereclict house.
So close...
Photo by unknown.
Stairs the last part...
The cast iron tower.
Photo by unknown.
The old coal fired light from 1822.
View from the iron cast tower.
Small version lighthouses.
Moomin liked this one the most.

Lighthouse art.
Photo by John.
My last campsite.
The name Lindesnes comes from old norwegian language and means "where the land sinks into the sea." The waters around Norway's southern tip is where two oceans meet and the current and wind rules over life and death. 

In february 27, 1656 Norway's first lighthouse beacons were lit on Lindesnes. It consisted of 30 candles burning in the top of a three-story tower. This was a bad solution and constant complaints from mariners led to that the lighthouse was extinguished after a few months of operation. Not until 1725 the lighthouse service was resumed. 

The cast iron observation tower on Lindesnes with its 16 meters is not particularly high but the light drop is 50 meters above sea level and the light can be seen 20 nautical miles (37 km) in clear weather.

lördag 30 augusti 2014


Day 41 - Sirdalen - Flekkefjord
Today I slept until 8 am and then I had a lovely breakfast with the family and I think I started at 10 am heading for Tonvik. It was cloudy at first and then came the heavy RAIN and continued persistently until I arrived Flekkefjord just after 7 pm. I decided to go to a camping today so I pitched my tent next to a german family also cycletouring from Bergen. I tried the wifi and it worked in my tent! Then I made dinner. Distance today 84 km

Tunnels passed: 4




Many thanks to the Risa family for hospitality when I needed it most.

fredag 29 augusti 2014

Day 40

Day 40 - Hjelmelandsvågen - Oltedalen - Sirdalen
I slept until 6.40 that's how tired I am today! I had breakfast and left by 8.30. In Årdal I stopped for coffee, baguette and charging. When I was ready to leave I met two really nice german bikers on the road. They were brothers, Julian and Tobias and headed for the ferry to Stavanger so we had company to Tau where the ferry left. I liked having company because I've been feeling worn and lonely the last days and it helps with some company to cheer you up a bit. The radio told me it was gonna be rain but luckily I did not se much of that during the day. I went to Jörpedal and had to charge some more then I took a ferry and continued further on to Oltedalen. More uphills and I was too weary so I had to walk a lot and it took some time. I had this sentence in my head "Vibrate with cosmos and cosmos shall clear the path". When in Oltedalen I decided to head for Årdal and no further. Then I met a friend of mine, Sigvald with 3 kids and 6 hens and was invited to their cabin in Sirdalen. Then came the rain, and there was A LOT! Then I was in the cabin by a cozy fire, dinner and good company and I get to sleep in sheets today! Distance 81 km.

Julian and Tobias.
Julian and Tobias.
Fishing gear.
Somewhere along the road...
Taking care of the hens.
She gives them a lot of love.
Here they live, the 6 hens.

torsdag 28 augusti 2014

Day 39

Day 39
Today I went to Ropeid where I took the ferry to Sand and found a cafe where they made fresh baguettes so I had myself some coffee and charging. Then I went to the tourist office looking for a map of Rogaland but they had none. I'll probably manage anyway. The road today was up and down most of the time like a rollercoaster. I found a lovely little book shed and it was perfect since I needed a break and something to eat to get some new energy. I love the idea that you can stop here and read or even bring a book with you! But my load is heavy enough as it is. Then I went on to Nesvik where I took another ferry to Hjelmelandsvågen and later I found a mill house where I thought about moving in for the night. Then a family stopped for picnic so I continued uphill and lucky me, I found a quite good spot for my tent with water and all that I need. Dinner at hotel Marmot tonight was creamy polenta with onions, tomato, blue cheese and green salad. Distance 91 km today.

Tunnels passed: 8

Reflections in water.
Baguette in Sand. 
Café at Sand.
Cozy book shed in the middle of nowhere.
It said you could bring one if you want.
Somewhere along the road.

onsdag 27 augusti 2014

The other side of Hardangerfjord

Day 38
I left just after 8 and it was lovely cycling along the Hardanger fjord and then a ferry over from Gjermundshamn to Årsnes. Then I stopped in Rosdalen for coffee and charging and then into a lovely valley. I had to climb some today as well but not too high. Then another ferry from Martre to Skånevik. And a wonderful road until Etne. After Etne I continued to Ölen and the road had heavy traffic and going uphill. The trucks were driving so fast that I almost fell down from the airspeed. Now I was tired and I was mad about the traffic and no possible campingspots what-so-ever. Then I came to Ölen and not even a camping or hostel, just a lousy hotel and I was going to continue to Sandeid but then I found the weirdest spot and I knew it would be dark soon so I decided to stop. Distance today 99 km

Tunnels passed: 3







tisdag 26 augusti 2014

A scent of apples at Hardangerfjord

Day 37 - Voss - Jondal - Hardangerfjord
This morning I woke up at 6 and took a shower. Then I waited for breakfast (which was included) at 7. Breakfast was amazing, ecological and organic with lots of fruit and vegetables. I especially loved the blackberries, I ate a whole bowl of those! And lots of coffee since yesterday I didn't have any at all. I had a long and slow breakfast, really enjoyed it. Then I packed my stuff and I think it was around 9.30 am so really late but who cares. The sky is clear blue and the sun is out! It's gonna be a beautiful day! First I went to Kvanndal and took a ferry to Utne. Then I cycled on a narrow high road next to the Hardanger fjord. It was amazing. Not much traffic and the views where astonishing. Then I took the ferry from Jondal over to Utne. I was going to continue for an hour or so but then when I started to look for tentspots I really couldn't find any because there were houses all over the place. I was almost giving up when it was getting really dark but then I saw an old road which actually didn't lead to a house but to a boat house. Finally at 10 pm I had my tent pitched and started with dinner since I was starving. Distance 96 km.

Tunnels passed: 2